Saturday, December 13, 2008

Pink Saturday Offerings

It's Pink Saturday again!
I am showing off my hand painted pink glass ornaments. I just recently taught my self the brush strokes to paint Pink Roses ! I love PINK, anything PINK.
I told my mom I wanted to paint pink roses on everything in my house! She replied "You can paint Pink Roses in my bathroom" and guess what? Mom's bathroom is already Pink! We are two girls that just love pink.
So here they are ! Please leave a comment and let me know how you like them.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

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Several of the items sold that were in the etsy mini over the holidays!
way to go !
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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

Monday, December 1, 2008

Handpainted Glass Ornaments

I finally taught myself how to paint roses! One of the many things I have always wanted to be able to do. So I bougth myself some folk art paints and set my self down and played with my paints and brushes. Each day I grabbed those paints and bushes and practiced those brush strokes. I credit Donna Dewberry for helping me learn. No,I did not do hands on learning, I just watched her videos and purchased her book. Ok so here is what I have finally got the nerve up to paint.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Getting in the HOliday mood!

Sammy Cahn, Jule Styne (c) 1945
Oh, the weather outside is frightful,
But the fire is so delightful,
And since we've no place to go,
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

It doesn't show signs of stopping,
And I brought some corn for popping;
The lights are turned way down low,
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

When we finally say good night,
How I'll hate going out in the storm;
But if you really hold me tight,
All the way home I'll be warm.

The fire is slowly dying,
And, my dear, we're still good-bye-ing,
But as long as you love me so.
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My friend Tracey aka Shabbygirlmosaics!

Check out these birdhouses and clock from Shabbygirlmosaics on ebay , she made these wonderful china birdhouses for a show she is going to be in this weekend. Tracey is from Australia and we met thru eBay about 3 months.. Just look at that wonderfully designed clock folks! What a keeper that is. Each piece perfectly laid out the pearls are the perfect finish on that clock. Beautiful design and layout on all of them and she also sells on Tracey can be found here on flickr . Tracey can also be found here on etsy. Updated photos will be added later. But for now check these out. If you need any of the little bird's or butterfly's you can find them in my ebay store.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Finished Sculptured Roses from clay

Hi, here are a few of my finished sculptured roses fresh out of the kiln and ready to sell on eBay.Carol's rose's can be found here on eBay.
I don't think anything will ever take the place of kiln fired roses! They take time to shape each petal and to make sure they dry the way you want them to. These are fresh out of the kiln and finished cooling. Notice I have stilted them? I also made sculptured leaves to go with them. they are used mostly in mosaic. Take a peek at my Mirror I did in the last challenge, you can see how I used these roses on it.

Playing in the clay!

Hi folks, I spend most of my days playing in the clay, since this is what I do in my spare time to make some jingle in my pockets.

I have been playing in the clay for over 12 years now. Found my first piece of clay in the Tennessee river when hubby was diving there way back when we lived in Tennessee. I have been hooked on clay since.

here are some of my hand sculptured roses yet to be fired in the kiln, among some other things.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Interested in some wonderful Photography? check out
this lady is wonderful with a camera. She takes these amazing photos of real life. sells on etsy. Check her out. This girl also does some amazing mosaic art pieces.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Friday, October 3, 2008

Sept Challenge in AMVS group Mirror link to my ebay store for thes e and other tiles.
I really enjoyed doing this challenge this past month, we decided to do a mirror. My first time on this one . I started off with a nice round mirror with a fancy edge on it. Taped it up really good since I did not want to scratch it you know with all the work I knew I was gonna be doing. Painted it a pretty soft flat pink. Cut some vintage Harker plate rims with 22k gold on the edge. glued those around the very edge. Added some of my handmade faux chintz rose tiles broken up. Working along I decided to use one of my handmade lady busts. I had to cut the back out of her to make her fit the edge of the mirror. She was hand painted and hand made by me. Once I had all my tiles glued down . a gave it a rest for the day. Two days later after the glue is dry I grouted the piece in sanded white grout. Let that set up for a few more days and sealed it. Back to work the next day I had the lady bust glued on and a few of the 3D roses I also make. Pretty shades of pink. I added some sculptured green leaves, had to let those dry before I was able to finish the mirror. Added some vintage buttons with pearls on them, strung some mini pearls around her neck and added two as earrings. Used a vintage clip back earring as a brooch on her dress. She look's so elegant. Added a single rose at the bottom of the piece and two more vintage buttons and some sculptured leaves. The last thing i put on the piece was to glue each pearl around the edge of the mirror. Altered pink and creme glass pearls around the inside of the frame. Took photos for the group post. I think this was a pretty fast project. I learned not to try and use two part epoxy on so many pearls.

Another Mosaic Challenge

Challenge for August in the AMVS group on eBay was a shelf. I used my favorite Victorian style girl focal surrounded her with mini burgundy ceramic tiles. added broken up pink fill fit tiles. Did a scalloped edge so I can hang key hooks there. the top of the shelf I finished up with a border of burgundy mini tiles and filled in the rest of it with the same pink fill tiles. Painted a soft white . I love how it turned out. It was very simple to do and was finished in a few days.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Another Mosaiced Birdhouse AMVS challenge

Hey there folks, I am finally getting around to posting more of my photos. The group AMVS from ebay had another challenge in the month of July. I finished a week later. With the challenge on etsy I had two going on so it was hard getting both finished .

This birdhouse was one that my hubby made years ago and has hung on the front porch under the roof for the past several years , finally decided to mosaic it and see how it would turn out.

Used my handmade, 3d flowers in a dark navy with red, blue birds, green embossed leaf tiles, stems too for the flowers, added a FREE rent for a tweet banner under the hole added a broken off cup handle, used some mini blue glass gems for the sky. I sell Venetian glass tiles in my eBay store and add them to the roof and used the upside down so I could have that texture to make them look more like a roof. Grouted in a green, blue and a different shade of blue on the roof once that was dry I added a 3d bird nest that I broke in half and glued the pieces onto each side of the roof, added the yellow bird I had broken off of the nest, vintage earrings were added as were my handmade yellow flowers, stuck in some glass leaf's. Finished.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Winner "Overall Favorite" EMA for the Birds Birdhouse Challenge

I could not believe it when I got the news this morning from Kathleen(artsy) that is in charge of the birdhouse challenge. I won Overall Favorites in the EMA "For The Birds " Mosaic Birdhouse Challenge. I am tickled pink . I honestly must say I was shocked to find out the news. And I want to thank all of the folks that came out and voted for all the birdhouses in this challenge. This EMA group has some wonderful ladies in it and to be among those that love to do mosaic art like I do is a real pleasure. Thanks again to Kathleen(artsy), Judy(Red crow), Betsy(GG) and Smashgirl for all their hard work .Thank you !

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Voting begins for EMA for the birds Challenge

EMA team on started a challenge June- July 11th . Voting started today July 13 th and ends 16th.
Take your pick lady's and gents, it is time to vote for the EMA FOR THE BIRDS CHALLENGE on 25 lady's stepped up rose to the challenge. All make their birdhouses into wonderful pieces of art. Each gave their birdhouse their own personal touch..

Click on the link to vote for your 3 favorites.

EMA for The Birds Birdhouse Challenge

This is the start of my birdhouse I used in the EMA for the Birds birdhouse challenge that ran for the month of June - July 11 th, 2008
This is where I started gluing down my handmade roof tiles. I had to tape them down with blue painters tape to keep them from sliding.
Here it is with parts of the back tiles and parts of the side done, notice the blue painters tape is finally off and they are sticking. It is finally starting to take shape.
This photo shows the finished birdhouse with a closeup of the bird and roses. I added pretty pearls pre strung onto the edges of the roof. Added my hand sculptured roses and leaf's and surrounded the sweet "girl" bird notice I said girl? only a girl birdie would like in such a pretty femine birdhouse.
Here is a full view of the side house. photos are click able for better viewing pleasure. The walls on the center birdhouse is a soft blue, pink and green chintz pattern. The smaller rooms has a rose chintz on them.
This shows another view of the bird house. Pearls pre strung are glued around the entry holes. I have used 3 different styles of bird roof tiles. and Painted them pink for the bottom part . The ground is broken up green handmade tiles and I grouted it a light shade of green.
It was a challenge to grout this piece. but all in all I enjoyed the planning of it.
We are voting on the birdhouses. there are 24 entry's. here is the link for voting.
it is for anybody.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Mosaic Challenge Tray

We had another challenge in the eBay group this month. I really enjoyed this one since it was my first every mosaic on a tray, a silver plated tray, that I cleaned up and spray painted with a metal primer, and gave it a few good coats of a good metal paint. I than used some of my pretty plate rim tiles that I had made and put these wonderful pink roses on. The center focal I used was this vintage girl among pink roses and lily of the valleys. I embossed the edges of all the tiles .. Pretty dark green embossed leaf tiles were used around the border of the center focal, I than used some pretty soft pink glass beads and glued them down among the leaf tiles. This set up for a week or so until I found the time to grout it. Once grouted I used a pretty sanded grout . I think this piece came out very well.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Flower Pot Challenge in AMVS Group on eBay

This is the flower pot I worked on for the challenge in AMVS group on eBay. First off let me mention if your interested in any of the tiles I used for this flower pot let me know, my id on eBAy is cmksculptures and here is a link to my ebay store.. I made all the tiles on this flower pot that I did for this challenge. the only ones that were purchases were the mini green and pink square tiles that are also sold in my eBay store.. I started out with a terra cotta flower pot. and used one of my popular round Summer Time chintz focals broke it up and glued it onto the center of the pot, one on each side.. surrounded that with green mini square tiles. I than added the chevron design onto the sides linking them to the circle tiles.. The second photo shows those glued on and I have already filled the background with the same design of Summer Time chintz. I also used my maroon and Pink nipstix or nipstick, that I also sell in my eBay store. I make them in custom colors. and have alot listed right now. I finally finished the flower pot off with some gray sanded grout.. As you can see it is all finsihed by the top photo.. I take custom orders if you ever need any tiles.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Mosaic Project WIP

I have finally gotten in the mode to do some more mosaic projects, with the Terra cotta flower pot challenge in AMVS group on eBay I have been working on two flower pots , a large lamp base and a small turtle. the lamp base and turtle are ready to grout. I have noticed lots of folks dread doing the grouting, but let me tell you it is really nothing to fear.

Just make sure you have plenty of working space, lay down some layers of newspaper, or a old vinyl table cloth, if your working outside on a porch, or deck all the better. But I tend to do it on my kitchen island.. I like to be cool while I grout.. No sweating here.

I do all the above and lay out my pieces. I normally only have one or two pieces to grout at one time, since I spend most of my time making those mosaic tiles for other artists to use.

Things have been a little slow right now and I have had spring fever, been working out in my flower beds pulling up weeds, and planting lots of blooming flowers, not to mention my large tomato plants, I picked a ripe tomato yesterday.

Back to the grouting. I tend to mix about a cup of grout really thick and let it slack , or sit for around 10 minutes, leave it and about my business, but yikes if you forget your grouting, time it. come back in and spread it with a gloved hand and press it into the spaces between the tiles..

I tend to wipe some of that off and keep spreading it around until i know I have all the spaces filled in really good..

I let that sit around 10 minutes or so depending on how small or large a project it is.. come back in and wipe off with a gloved hand again, making sure i am not taking out any grout .

Take a damp, really damp heavy duty paper towel and wipe the tiles off , rinse and wipe off until I am happy with the way it looks. No grout on the tiles or on the back of the project.

Then I put the piece up and let it stay there for a week to dry, come back in and use a grout sealer called Tile Lab. wipe off in between and do this 2 to 3 times until I do a water drop test , if it beads up it is sealed if the water drops soak in, I put on more grout sealer.

The piece is set aside again to dry, I give it a week to dry.

Once dry I come in with some vinegar on a paper towel and wipe off the tiles to give them shine. it takes off the haze left behind from the tile lab.

Monday, May 19, 2008

The EMA Spring Fling Sale will be held from May 26 - May 30th.

Hello all, I am a proud member of the EMA Team on, "Etsy Mosaic Artists Street Team "
where you can buy all things handmade.
We are all mosaic artist selling our finished pieces of art , we have joined together cause of our common bond in Mosaic.

Our members of the team are having a spring fling sale , each member will set their own discounts, free shipping or whatever they wish for the sale.
When you go to to see our sale items you can find all the members easier "search EMA Team"

Monday, May 5, 2008

Bird nest and Baby birdies

I am finding it harder and harder to stay indoors and work in my studio with all the wonderful sunny weather we have been having lately. I have been painting tiles and finishing up some custom orders of handmade tiles today and finally loaded the kiln up and got it fired..

I found a bird nest nestled in the basket of roses I have by the side door, peeked in and saw little yellow beak and peeked farther in and saw not one but four little faces staring up at me.. Not a one of them moved! All eyes were on me. I snapped a few photos. They will be leaving the next soon from the size of the them. Each time I exited the house the momma bird flew off the next,I don't understand that, guess I frighten her when I walk by? While I am by the kiln loading the tiles in and out of the corner of my eye I saw a movement, the mommy bird had returned to her nest. I believe it may be a wren, as she flew away I noticed her back was a rust color. If you peek closely you can see one of the yellow v shaped mouths..

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Photo frame Challenge in eBay group

The girls in A Mosaic View Society group on eBay just finished a photo frame challenge today. The challenge was to mosaic , grout and show off your finished 10" photo frame . 12 girls entered and tonight we are posting the results in group.
Mine frame was based on a MDF 10" photo frame that holds a 4x6" photo. I used my handmade kiln fired violet tiles with stems and embossed leaves. I added some blue fill tiles all around . Used some frosted blue gems on the edges of the frame and grouted it in a charcoal gray grout. Once it was all dry I sealed it with some Aqua Mix grout sealer. Once the grout sealer was good and dry I glued on green glass leaves added some handmade 3D purple violets and finished it off with vintage rhinestone buttons and vintage earring.. That was the perfect finish touch.
Results are being posted in the group tonight.
I enjoyed the challenge and we start another one tomorrow with 9" or larger Terra cotta flower pots.
I also sell tile for other mosaic artists on eBay, I do handpainted, kiln fired tiles, also decaled tiles that are frefired in the kiln, just like the china companys do.. here is a link to my eBAy store.

Friday, April 25, 2008

A day at the Circus with Hubby and I

We went to the CARSON & BARNES circus in Dothan, Ala. yesterday for the 4:30 show, we got there early on a nice sunny day. Lots of folks arrived same time as us with babies and toddlers in tow.. All ready for a afternoon of clowns and elephant rides. As we walked up to the area where the circus was installed you could see the big top way off . The entrance was already filled up with folks waiting in line for their tickets so they could enter in, off to the side were small ponies with kids riding on them, it was so cute! Just really the perfect day, for some outdoors fun, we waiting in line and chatted about the sights and the line kept moving finally we got our tickets and wanted in and saw a Zebra, minature long horn bull, several Lama's, 2 large elephants and their baby, 2 huge camels, a small black pony, and a large black mare. Lots of Lama's were being fed by the little kids. I asked hubby will they spit on me? He replied no. they are tame, I was surprised they did not spit. We walked around killing time until the acts started under the big top. It was a 3 ring, full of bleachers and reserved bleachers with back's on them. and box seats with plastic chairs. We got box seats, just could not handle siting on bleachers. Days of sitting on them at ball games and graduation's had taken its toll on my back. We were ringside right in the very middle of the tent. We felt we had the best seats in the house. The acts were fast and the crew did a great job on changing things between acts. Poodles came running in, did their acts, trapeze ladies came in and walked the tight rope. wonderful colorful costumes, clowns came out selling packed peanuts, circus coloring books. Act after act followed, all the acts paraded around the big top. Huge elephants came marching by, camels, ponies with a little boy riding them, clowns, the poodles, all dressed in the red, white and blue.. We had 15 minutes intermission. ran out and got a coke.. back inside for more acts. The last one was the 3 elephants.. we both said that was a great time and worth the trip. This was our first trip to the circus since we were small kids.. and we plan to do it again. Let there for supper at Red Lobster. Arrived home and tired but glad for being able to enjoy a day together. If you have not been to the circus lately, go , have some fun, and enjoy the time spent with your family.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Beautiful weather in florida today

We are having beautiful spring weather here today, birds are out and coming in to the birdbath for a drink of water. Need to get the bird feeders filled and hummingbird feeders filled up. I am late this year doing those.. We caught a warbler on the screened in front porch last week , yellow and black head with a yellow bellied.. It was the first one I have ever set eyes on and I had to ask in eBay group what it was since I could not find it on the web.. will post a photo of it.. they are really small birds. sure looks large in the photo hubby took.
I planted some day lilies up in some flower post the other day from my late brother Clarence that passed away Feb 3 of this year 2008.. there are no markers so it will be a surprise when they start blooming.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

CMK's blog page

Hi , my name is Carol, I have been married to my loving hubby Randall for 28 years.. I love to paint mosaic tiles, do mosaic art pieces, work in my gardens around my old house that we are currently restoring.. I love pink roses and I use them a lot in my mosaic tiles and my mosaic art. We have a picket fence around part of the yard and one day I hope to have lots of pink roses blooming along it one day.
I am a self-taught sculptor of animals and whimsy pieces. I love to play in the clay and come up with something new. I love to sculpt 3D roses, I have made them up to 7" wide and sold each one to this lady in Tennessee that uses them on her mosaic art.
Currently I am selling my finished mosaic pieces on where I have met some wonderful mosaic artists, and a member of the EMA team on etsy. if your looking for some finished mosaic art type EMA in the search bar and you will find pieces by the members of this fun group.