Thursday, October 23, 2008

Finished Sculptured Roses from clay

Hi, here are a few of my finished sculptured roses fresh out of the kiln and ready to sell on eBay.Carol's rose's can be found here on eBay.
I don't think anything will ever take the place of kiln fired roses! They take time to shape each petal and to make sure they dry the way you want them to. These are fresh out of the kiln and finished cooling. Notice I have stilted them? I also made sculptured leaves to go with them. they are used mostly in mosaic. Take a peek at my Mirror I did in the last challenge, you can see how I used these roses on it.

Playing in the clay!

Hi folks, I spend most of my days playing in the clay, since this is what I do in my spare time to make some jingle in my pockets.

I have been playing in the clay for over 12 years now. Found my first piece of clay in the Tennessee river when hubby was diving there way back when we lived in Tennessee. I have been hooked on clay since.

here are some of my hand sculptured roses yet to be fired in the kiln, among some other things.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Interested in some wonderful Photography? check out
this lady is wonderful with a camera. She takes these amazing photos of real life. sells on etsy. Check her out. This girl also does some amazing mosaic art pieces.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Friday, October 3, 2008

Sept Challenge in AMVS group Mirror link to my ebay store for thes e and other tiles.
I really enjoyed doing this challenge this past month, we decided to do a mirror. My first time on this one . I started off with a nice round mirror with a fancy edge on it. Taped it up really good since I did not want to scratch it you know with all the work I knew I was gonna be doing. Painted it a pretty soft flat pink. Cut some vintage Harker plate rims with 22k gold on the edge. glued those around the very edge. Added some of my handmade faux chintz rose tiles broken up. Working along I decided to use one of my handmade lady busts. I had to cut the back out of her to make her fit the edge of the mirror. She was hand painted and hand made by me. Once I had all my tiles glued down . a gave it a rest for the day. Two days later after the glue is dry I grouted the piece in sanded white grout. Let that set up for a few more days and sealed it. Back to work the next day I had the lady bust glued on and a few of the 3D roses I also make. Pretty shades of pink. I added some sculptured green leaves, had to let those dry before I was able to finish the mirror. Added some vintage buttons with pearls on them, strung some mini pearls around her neck and added two as earrings. Used a vintage clip back earring as a brooch on her dress. She look's so elegant. Added a single rose at the bottom of the piece and two more vintage buttons and some sculptured leaves. The last thing i put on the piece was to glue each pearl around the edge of the mirror. Altered pink and creme glass pearls around the inside of the frame. Took photos for the group post. I think this was a pretty fast project. I learned not to try and use two part epoxy on so many pearls.

Another Mosaic Challenge

Challenge for August in the AMVS group on eBay was a shelf. I used my favorite Victorian style girl focal surrounded her with mini burgundy ceramic tiles. added broken up pink fill fit tiles. Did a scalloped edge so I can hang key hooks there. the top of the shelf I finished up with a border of burgundy mini tiles and filled in the rest of it with the same pink fill tiles. Painted a soft white . I love how it turned out. It was very simple to do and was finished in a few days.