Tuesday, April 22, 2008

CMK's blog page

Hi , my name is Carol, I have been married to my loving hubby Randall for 28 years.. I love to paint mosaic tiles, do mosaic art pieces, work in my gardens around my old house that we are currently restoring.. I love pink roses and I use them a lot in my mosaic tiles and my mosaic art. We have a picket fence around part of the yard and one day I hope to have lots of pink roses blooming along it one day.
I am a self-taught sculptor of animals and whimsy pieces. I love to play in the clay and come up with something new. I love to sculpt 3D roses, I have made them up to 7" wide and sold each one to this lady in Tennessee that uses them on her mosaic art.
Currently I am selling my finished mosaic pieces on etsy.com where I have met some wonderful mosaic artists, and a member of the EMA team on etsy. if your looking for some finished mosaic art type EMA in the search bar and you will find pieces by the members of this fun group.

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