Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Photo frame Challenge in eBay group

The girls in A Mosaic View Society group on eBay just finished a photo frame challenge today. The challenge was to mosaic , grout and show off your finished 10" photo frame . 12 girls entered and tonight we are posting the results in group.
Mine frame was based on a MDF 10" photo frame that holds a 4x6" photo. I used my handmade kiln fired violet tiles with stems and embossed leaves. I added some blue fill tiles all around . Used some frosted blue gems on the edges of the frame and grouted it in a charcoal gray grout. Once it was all dry I sealed it with some Aqua Mix grout sealer. Once the grout sealer was good and dry I glued on green glass leaves added some handmade 3D purple violets and finished it off with vintage rhinestone buttons and vintage earring.. That was the perfect finish touch.
Results are being posted in the group tonight.
I enjoyed the challenge and we start another one tomorrow with 9" or larger Terra cotta flower pots.
I also sell tile for other mosaic artists on eBay, I do handpainted, kiln fired tiles, also decaled tiles that are frefired in the kiln, just like the china companys do.. here is a link to my eBAy store.


  1. Your work is beautiful as always. Welcome to the world of blog. If you don't mind I would like to link to your blog. Take care.

  2. Kelley, sure sweetie, I would love to link to your blogg also. and thank you so much. I love your work also. REally enjoyed seeing all your things.

  3. Hi Carol here is the link to my blog. Please add me to your blogging friends list and I am going to add you to mine. You do such beautiful work, and your a real sweetie. Your blog is awesome. Mine needs some TLC.. LOL.. I cant wait to get my sweet butterflies:)


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  5. Lisa, thank you sweetie. I have linked you to my blogg. You are a real sweetie too and I love your mosaic work. YOur blogg is looking great too. just keep working on it sometimes each day and it will be just wonderful in no time.. I love your layout and colors too. Butterlies should be there soon.
    I did remove one of your post's since it was a copy of the same one.. hugs Carol