Saturday, June 7, 2008

Flower Pot Challenge in AMVS Group on eBay

This is the flower pot I worked on for the challenge in AMVS group on eBay. First off let me mention if your interested in any of the tiles I used for this flower pot let me know, my id on eBAy is cmksculptures and here is a link to my ebay store.. I made all the tiles on this flower pot that I did for this challenge. the only ones that were purchases were the mini green and pink square tiles that are also sold in my eBay store.. I started out with a terra cotta flower pot. and used one of my popular round Summer Time chintz focals broke it up and glued it onto the center of the pot, one on each side.. surrounded that with green mini square tiles. I than added the chevron design onto the sides linking them to the circle tiles.. The second photo shows those glued on and I have already filled the background with the same design of Summer Time chintz. I also used my maroon and Pink nipstix or nipstick, that I also sell in my eBay store. I make them in custom colors. and have alot listed right now. I finally finished the flower pot off with some gray sanded grout.. As you can see it is all finsihed by the top photo.. I take custom orders if you ever need any tiles.

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  1. Hello Carol,
    I love your flower pot! And, also wanted to thank you so much for your comment on my blog. Yours is the first and it was so exciting to get a comment!!! I have added your blog to mine, and thanks for adding mine to yours! Take care, Cynthia