Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Beautiful weather in florida today

We are having beautiful spring weather here today, birds are out and coming in to the birdbath for a drink of water. Need to get the bird feeders filled and hummingbird feeders filled up. I am late this year doing those.. We caught a warbler on the screened in front porch last week , yellow and black head with a yellow bellied.. It was the first one I have ever set eyes on and I had to ask in eBay group what it was since I could not find it on the web.. will post a photo of it.. they are really small birds. sure looks large in the photo hubby took.
I planted some day lilies up in some flower post the other day from my late brother Clarence that passed away Feb 3 of this year 2008.. there are no markers so it will be a surprise when they start blooming.

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