Monday, August 24, 2009

MIssed Me?

I am sorry life took over and i had to take a break from all the pressure and stress of being on the web . I am back now and doing much, much better.

It has been a long and wonderful summer without pressure of work or stress of making mosaic tiles and mosaic art.

Just relaxing summer days, swimming in the pool, sunbathing and working in my flower beds and garden. Visits with my folks and playing scrabble once a week with my mom has made me realize how fast my life is passing by.

But back to the daily grind of work lol, slowly getting back into my studio and making mosaic tiles, but i purchased a used Singer Serger machine and have been getting back into my sewing, i did not realize how much i had missed it until i finally purchased one. So will be taking breaks from tile making and doing some sewing for my mom and myself.

Hope all my friends and readers have enjoyed my writings or postings.

Enjoy the rest of the summer fall is coming in with a roar.

Some photos of our summer bounty and my gardens.