Sunday, July 13, 2008

EMA for The Birds Birdhouse Challenge

This is the start of my birdhouse I used in the EMA for the Birds birdhouse challenge that ran for the month of June - July 11 th, 2008
This is where I started gluing down my handmade roof tiles. I had to tape them down with blue painters tape to keep them from sliding.
Here it is with parts of the back tiles and parts of the side done, notice the blue painters tape is finally off and they are sticking. It is finally starting to take shape.
This photo shows the finished birdhouse with a closeup of the bird and roses. I added pretty pearls pre strung onto the edges of the roof. Added my hand sculptured roses and leaf's and surrounded the sweet "girl" bird notice I said girl? only a girl birdie would like in such a pretty femine birdhouse.
Here is a full view of the side house. photos are click able for better viewing pleasure. The walls on the center birdhouse is a soft blue, pink and green chintz pattern. The smaller rooms has a rose chintz on them.
This shows another view of the bird house. Pearls pre strung are glued around the entry holes. I have used 3 different styles of bird roof tiles. and Painted them pink for the bottom part . The ground is broken up green handmade tiles and I grouted it a light shade of green.
It was a challenge to grout this piece. but all in all I enjoyed the planning of it.
We are voting on the birdhouses. there are 24 entry's. here is the link for voting.
it is for anybody.

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