Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Photo frame Challenge in eBay group

The girls in A Mosaic View Society group on eBay just finished a photo frame challenge today. The challenge was to mosaic , grout and show off your finished 10" photo frame . 12 girls entered and tonight we are posting the results in group.
Mine frame was based on a MDF 10" photo frame that holds a 4x6" photo. I used my handmade kiln fired violet tiles with stems and embossed leaves. I added some blue fill tiles all around . Used some frosted blue gems on the edges of the frame and grouted it in a charcoal gray grout. Once it was all dry I sealed it with some Aqua Mix grout sealer. Once the grout sealer was good and dry I glued on green glass leaves added some handmade 3D purple violets and finished it off with vintage rhinestone buttons and vintage earring.. That was the perfect finish touch.
Results are being posted in the group tonight.
I enjoyed the challenge and we start another one tomorrow with 9" or larger Terra cotta flower pots.
I also sell tile for other mosaic artists on eBay, I do handpainted, kiln fired tiles, also decaled tiles that are frefired in the kiln, just like the china companys do.. here is a link to my eBAy store.

Friday, April 25, 2008

A day at the Circus with Hubby and I

We went to the CARSON & BARNES circus in Dothan, Ala. yesterday for the 4:30 show, we got there early on a nice sunny day. Lots of folks arrived same time as us with babies and toddlers in tow.. All ready for a afternoon of clowns and elephant rides. As we walked up to the area where the circus was installed you could see the big top way off . The entrance was already filled up with folks waiting in line for their tickets so they could enter in, off to the side were small ponies with kids riding on them, it was so cute! Just really the perfect day, for some outdoors fun, we waiting in line and chatted about the sights and the line kept moving finally we got our tickets and wanted in and saw a Zebra, minature long horn bull, several Lama's, 2 large elephants and their baby, 2 huge camels, a small black pony, and a large black mare. Lots of Lama's were being fed by the little kids. I asked hubby will they spit on me? He replied no. they are tame, I was surprised they did not spit. We walked around killing time until the acts started under the big top. It was a 3 ring, full of bleachers and reserved bleachers with back's on them. and box seats with plastic chairs. We got box seats, just could not handle siting on bleachers. Days of sitting on them at ball games and graduation's had taken its toll on my back. We were ringside right in the very middle of the tent. We felt we had the best seats in the house. The acts were fast and the crew did a great job on changing things between acts. Poodles came running in, did their acts, trapeze ladies came in and walked the tight rope. wonderful colorful costumes, clowns came out selling packed peanuts, circus coloring books. Act after act followed, all the acts paraded around the big top. Huge elephants came marching by, camels, ponies with a little boy riding them, clowns, the poodles, all dressed in the red, white and blue.. We had 15 minutes intermission. ran out and got a coke.. back inside for more acts. The last one was the 3 elephants.. we both said that was a great time and worth the trip. This was our first trip to the circus since we were small kids.. and we plan to do it again. Let there for supper at Red Lobster. Arrived home and tired but glad for being able to enjoy a day together. If you have not been to the circus lately, go , have some fun, and enjoy the time spent with your family.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Beautiful weather in florida today

We are having beautiful spring weather here today, birds are out and coming in to the birdbath for a drink of water. Need to get the bird feeders filled and hummingbird feeders filled up. I am late this year doing those.. We caught a warbler on the screened in front porch last week , yellow and black head with a yellow bellied.. It was the first one I have ever set eyes on and I had to ask in eBay group what it was since I could not find it on the web.. will post a photo of it.. they are really small birds. sure looks large in the photo hubby took.
I planted some day lilies up in some flower post the other day from my late brother Clarence that passed away Feb 3 of this year 2008.. there are no markers so it will be a surprise when they start blooming.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

CMK's blog page

Hi , my name is Carol, I have been married to my loving hubby Randall for 28 years.. I love to paint mosaic tiles, do mosaic art pieces, work in my gardens around my old house that we are currently restoring.. I love pink roses and I use them a lot in my mosaic tiles and my mosaic art. We have a picket fence around part of the yard and one day I hope to have lots of pink roses blooming along it one day.
I am a self-taught sculptor of animals and whimsy pieces. I love to play in the clay and come up with something new. I love to sculpt 3D roses, I have made them up to 7" wide and sold each one to this lady in Tennessee that uses them on her mosaic art.
Currently I am selling my finished mosaic pieces on where I have met some wonderful mosaic artists, and a member of the EMA team on etsy. if your looking for some finished mosaic art type EMA in the search bar and you will find pieces by the members of this fun group.