Friday, May 22, 2009

Gardening in Flower Pots Hits the Spot!

Our yard is so small not quite 1 acre, we don't have much room to garden , and with so many shade trees it is hard for me to plant and grow anything that loves full sun. So i have decided to grown my vegetables in flower pots this year. I did that the last couple years and it has been so much fun I have decided to go even bigger this year. So i made a trip up to the locals Lowe's and purchased 6 tomato plant's called Better Boy, a sure fire growing tomato that my folks and grandparents grew. Bottom photo shows them off to a great start. Later you can see how much they have grown. Some reaching pass the 5 ft bamboo stakes i have added to the pots to tie the tomatoes to as they grew. Today as i write this they are taller than i am and i will soon need to look around and find some taller stakes to add to the pots. I am 5 ft 8 1/2" tall . All 5 tomato plants are thriving and growing really well. I lost one of them when it just out of the blue started to wilt. I finally pulled it out and dumped the soil to check to see what type of bug or vermin was killing off that tomato. I found 1/4" small white bugs growning in clumps in the potting soil. Sprayed them and killed them. So now i only have 5 plants. Two other pots have Bell Pepper plants growing in them. I feed with miracle grown and water regularly. All 5 plants are thriving and lots lots of tomatoes on them from dime size to golf ball size. Bacon , lettuce and tomato sandwiches here i come.
Will have a new photo to post tomorrow.


  1. Not quite an acre, a small yard?? That's a HUGE yard. I understand the shade thing tho, we have that problem here too. Your tomatoes are doing great! There is nothing like home grown vegies! Sure looks like you have a great green thumb!

  2. I have to agree with Tracey, smally yard?? I wouldn't know what to do with a whole acre! Largest yard I had was 1/2 acre, and that was more than I could handle.

    Now, I barely have a 4' x 2' area to plant anything, so I do lots of container gardening.

    Too bad about the 5th tomato plant, good thing they didn't spread to the others! (benefits of container gardening!)

    Looking forward to the next instalment of pics!