Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Another Mosaiced Birdhouse AMVS challenge

Hey there folks, I am finally getting around to posting more of my photos. The group AMVS from ebay had another challenge in the month of July. I finished a week later. With the challenge on etsy I had two going on so it was hard getting both finished .

This birdhouse was one that my hubby made years ago and has hung on the front porch under the roof for the past several years , finally decided to mosaic it and see how it would turn out.

Used my handmade, 3d flowers in a dark navy with red, blue birds, green embossed leaf tiles, stems too for the flowers, added a FREE rent for a tweet banner under the hole added a broken off cup handle, used some mini blue glass gems for the sky. I sell Venetian glass tiles in my eBay store and add them to the roof and used the upside down so I could have that texture to make them look more like a roof. Grouted in a green, blue and a different shade of blue on the roof once that was dry I added a 3d bird nest that I broke in half and glued the pieces onto each side of the roof, added the yellow bird I had broken off of the nest, vintage earrings were added as were my handmade yellow flowers, stuck in some glass leaf's. Finished.


  1. Hello Carol, I always enjoy stopping by your blog and checking out your Mosaic artwork!
    Love, Ann

  2. Hello Ann, thank you very much!
    I am glad you enjoy checking my mosaic art. I am currently working on a shelf for another challenge will post photos once completed. thanks again

  3. Carol - I just realized I've NEVER left a comment on your blog! Please forgive me Girlfriend! You know how much I love you and how much I love the stuff you create.